Rolex Day Date Ref 1803




Let me start here: I love gold Rolexes. I know, I’m disgusting. But I love gold Rolexes, I love the ostentatious era, gaudy culture and capitalist values they represent. I might be tasteless, but at least I’m self aware. On to this example, it’s a vintage Rolex reference 1803 in yellow gold with a silver stick tritium dial and non-luminous hands. It dates to 1970 and frankly, it’s a model of condition. Not only are its lugs sharp but its original case finishing is clear. Notice the brushed finishing on top and the perfect shine on the side.

A little more about the Day Date: introduced in 1956, it was the first watch to feature the day of the week on full text. With a power start like that, it’s really only fitting that the watch would soon become a global icon. From the wrist of LBJ to Tony Soprano, the Day Date became a symbol synonymous with success, power. Although children of the 80’s definitely remember these watches as awful accessories to the finely tailored and coked up, I find them extremely versatile. From presidential bracelet to black cordovan or a tan suede, it looks not only beautiful but incredibly different. You can wear them however you like, never fettered to the ghost of Glengarry GlenRoss. Like all of our Rolexes, this watch was fully serviced, pressure tested and COSC guaranteed before being listed.

Maker: Rolex
Model: Day Date Ref. 1803
Year: 1970
Case Diameter: 36 millimeters
Lug Width: 20 millimeters
Case Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Case Condition: Great condition, no serious nicks or scratches
Dial Condition: Great condition, no stains or damage
Bracelet: Leather strap
Movement: Automatic Winding