Tudor Day Date


Let’s start broad and then get real specific. First, it’s a vintage Tudor- it represents a relatively early stage of a brand that was, and has become again, an icon. Next, it’s a Date-Day, an alternative option to the classic Rolex design. It’s in steel, a metal that, in the world of its Rolex brethren, never roughed the likes of the model. A little closer, it features a linen dial, one of the most textured and beautiful configuration on any watch. There’s so much you on here, and it’s all under the radar. But to the keen eye, this 36mm watch is a legend. Personally, it’s an absolute favorite.

Technical Specs:
Case Size: 36 millimeters
Lug Width: 20 millimeters
Case Material: Stainless steel
Great Condition: Sharp lugs, possibly polished lightly at some point
Bracelet: T&H English Bridle Leather Strap in Chocolate