The Flatiron – Apple Watch




By incredibly popular demand, a little step into modernity. Do I strongly dislike the apple watch? Sure. But ya know what, just because I don’t agree with its owners wristwatch choices doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to experience our amazing collaboration with JR. In developing this pebbled calf Apple watch strap, we aimed to capture the somewhat cold, absolutely industrial aesthetic of New York’s famous Flatiron building. An icon of Lower Manhattan, its grays warm and cool with the light, as does its handmade namesake.


Since 1954, Jean Rousseau’s commitment to the supremacy of their products, from alligator to thread, has stunned those aware of the discreet Parisian manufacturer. Their process is intimate – at their New York office, each artisan is only able to produce a strap and a half per day, while competitors throw together a dozen. While marketing is not their forte, their leather goods prove to be among the best in the world, especially after years of wear.


Be mindful the edge of your new strap doesn’t rub against the case when the two meet. On occasion, this can result in damage.


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The Flatiron

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The Crosby


Each of our watches, from mid 20th century Omega’s to contemporary pieces from F.P. Journe, are accompanied by documentation of authenticity and appraisal. They’re also backed by our one year warranty, though we do expect careful treatment of all watches and do not cover damage inflicted post sale.


Clients are given a five day grace period after sale to return their wristwatches, no questions asked. To initiate a return, email for shipping instructions and appropriate labels. All returned wristwatches that have been shipped and received must be returned in the same condition as when they were sold. Once received, Theo & Harris has 3 days to issue a refund, minus shipping costs.


Maker: Hamilton
Model: W10
Year: 1973
Case Diameter: 35 millimeters
Lug Width: 20 millimeters
Case Material: Stainless steel
Case Condition: Great condition, no serious nicks or scratches
Dial Condition: Great condition, no blemishes
Movement: Manual Winding
Examined & Guaranteed: Before being listed, this watch was fully inspected by our watchmaker. It was examined for timekeeping as well as all forms of damage – corrosion, water penetration, shock, extensive wear etc. Since it passed his thorough examination with flying colors, a full in-house service was not needed or performed.