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Meet the Manhattan and the Sark, the second generation of the markets best watch straps, bar none.

Let’s rewind!

Mediocre straps with premium tags, that was the watch strap world. So, almost a year ago, we set out to change that, and we did. With the T&H Type One and Type Two, two incredible calf pieces, one pebbled, one vegetable tanned, and both handmade by French Atelier Jean Rousseau, we changed the way our clients evaluated the quality of leather and construction forever.

So naturally, that was just the beginning.

And now, to mark the official start of the 2017 holiday season, we’d like to introduce you to these, the second generation.

A classic and a renegade. The Manhattan and the Sark.

With the help of the T&H team and my favorite (former) student and always lover of design, my mom, we began the process. We flipped through dozens of textures, hundreds of colors and shapes, thicknesses of padding and, with autumn and winter very much so in mind, landed here.

First, the Manhattan. A supple light calf, stitched with cream thread and finished with a painfully sexy red lining, the cherry at the bottom of your glass. It gives a perfectly refined, and yet still approachable look to Datejusts, GMTs and, well, everything.

And now, the Sark. A slightly lighter than navy alligator in a semi-matte finish, lined in the iconic cutty yellow. Dyed, cut and stitched in house – it brings me right back to my roots, the Scots Whisky I was asked to fetch thousands of times growing up. Its exotic and yet not, its large scales are toned down by their conservative color and finish and on the wrist, it’s remarkable.

Colors from falling leaves and rich, boozy nights, leathers from the worlds best manufacturer and passion like no other.

Our collection with Jean Rousseau is one of our proudest achievements to date – like the existence of T&H, it changes the space around it.

So, if you’re on the market for a change in perspective, if you want to know what a truly well crafted watch strap looks, feels and ages like, try the Manhattan or the Sark, you’ll never look back.