The 1.5 Million $$ Rolex 6062 Stelline

ASKTNH LIVE | DEC 24, 2018

In this episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian dives into the Rolex 6062 Stelline that sold for $1.5 at Christie’s. The Stelline is a beautiful vintage model from Rolex, a triple date with a moon phase set in an Oyster Case that isn’t quite the same as ones you might find on a Datejust or Day-Date, done in gold with gold dauphine hands and stars for incides. The watch in question as the subject of today’s video is by no means the most expensive Stelline ever sold (that honor goes to the piece owned by Vietnamese emperor Bao Dai), but it is by far the most unique.

Its dial is in overall immaculate condition, considering its age. However, it is the piece’s case patina that makes this example a standout. The solid gold case hasn’t been touched for polishing or proper cleaning, which enabled a sort of oxidization to occur on the gold which, in effect, burned the case to a gorgeous (if you’re into that sort of thing) iridescent sheen. It is this evidence that the piece has never been touched and is fundamentally in its original state that helps to make this Rolex Stelline so valuable.

Next, Christian takes some questions right from our Instagram. The first is what his current dream watch is, which is a Rolex Day-Date in platinum with the ice blue dial. Next up is a question regarding who his favorite female watch geek on Instagram is, and the answer, naturally, is Anna (@annagriffinc), T&H Employee Number One and all around hard-working, bada$$ watch geek. When it comes to the perfect investment watch, Christian says that right now it’s the Polar Rolex Explorer 2, not because it’s going to gain Paul Newman Daytona money, but because it’s durable, solidly built, and should roughly double in value as the years go on. The hardest thing Christian has had to overcome with Theo & Harris? Easily the strain on his relationship with his mother after deciding not to go to law school, despite her having his best interest in mind.

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