The Cheapest Cartier Tank & A BEST Patek Philippe World Time Watch

ASKTNH LIVE | FEB 20, 2019

Today, Christian takes some of your questions LIVE via our Instagram (@theoandharris). Our first question regards what some of the best women’s watches are, and the easy answer is Cartier Tank Solo because of just how refined it is and how iconic the Cartier brand has become, without diving into the world of solid gold Tank Louis models that can be upwards of $10k more. Next, we address what we believe to be the best world timer, and the Patek Worldtimer is definitely an option, especially the previous generation models that seem to be decreasing in value as time goes on. Lower down the pipeline, you’ve got options like the Nomos Zurich Worldtime which, technically, is a GMT, but it still offers a lot of the same visual presence.

Someone asks why we don’t sell our watches on our T&H x Jean Rousseau straps and the answer is simply cost, and the way that cost would impact the pricing of the watches and, by extension, the consumer experience. If Christian were to start T&H over again today? Mostly just doing things quicker, such as getting a studio together sooner and planning videos quicker. Still, given how things have gone overall, it’s hard to say we’d actually do them any other way.

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