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Yes, we sell vintage watches. But at our core, we’re committed to our deep passion for quality and our mission to find to value. So, when we found Jean Rousseau, a company dedicated to those same values for the last 60 years, we begged for an opportunity to collaborate – to produce some of the most beautiful, well constructed handmade straps in the world, together.

Let’s back up and be frank, the watch strap market is filled to the gills with garbage. The straps we most often find are either too expensive to be cheap, too cheap to be luxurious or wildly inflated by deceptive marketing – a shameful reality. So, in typical T&H fashion, we’re changing all of that.

We decided on a mustard pebble grain and a smooth brown calf. Not only are these two colors absolutely gorgeous, but their styles are versatile and timeless – chocolate brown and pebbled calf will never be out of style, they transcend trends. So, whether beside a vintage Datejust, Heuer chronograph or Omega Seamaster, the Type One and Two always do your beloved watches justice, they’ll never fail to bring a smile to your face.

It has taken 2 years of anticipation and 3 months of planning but we can finally announce these, the Jean Rousseau x Theo & Harris Type One and Two – handmade to last, by some of the best craftsman in the world.

As a team, this is one of our proudest moments, there’s no question.