Timex (Sort of) Brings it Home with Their American Documents Collection

Article By: Logan Hannen


Timex has launched a new series of timepieces made, for the first time in decades, almost exclusively in the United States.

As a brand, Timex is one of the single most American watchmakers around, and while much of their recent history has been focused on hyper-affordable quartz watches, the brand did tease out a couple of releases, namely the Marlin Hand-Wound and Marlin Automatic, that signal a potential return to their American-Made, mechanical roots. With their new collection, dubbed the American Documents Collection, the brand has further reinforced this shift in their horological presence.

The Timex American Documents Collection

The American Documents Collection’s “Aged Waterbury Brass” Caseback Medallion

The main premise behind the collection, as Timex notes in their marketing materials, is to bring their watchmaking back home, if only with one collection for now. Each of the four models in the collection feature entirely American-made components, the only exception of which is the Ronda cal. 6004.D Swiss quartz movement.

All four models come in a 41mm stainless steel case, which is crafted using a “drop forge” process, a process designed to enhance the strength and shape of the steel. The cases are then machine finished with a smooth, satin brushed finish. Each piece is also equipped with a leather strap made in Red Wing, Minnesota, home of the famous American bootmakers Red Wing. While not explicitly stated here, Timex has used leather from the Red Wing factory for their Waterbury collection.

All Four Variations of the Timex American Documents Series
Source: Timex

There are four variations in the American Documents collection, featuring three different dial colors. The plain brushed steel case comes in a white, black, or blue dial, while a fourth, PVD gunmetal case also features a black dial. Black straps come stock on the black and white steel models, while the blue gets a tan strap, and the PVD gets a rich, chocolate brown variation.

The Damage
All four American Documents models are available direct from Timex for $495.