Tudor Messed Up Their 2019 Releases: Black Bay Baselworld

LIQUOR RUN | APR 12, 2019

In today’s episode of Liquor Run, Christian and Rolly dive into Tudor’s Baselworld 2019 releases and what exactly is going on with this freakin’ brand. The first release is the Black Bay Bronze (again), this time with an update gray dial and bezel combination. Next up, we have the new Black Bay Chronograph S&G, a two-tone update of the Black Bay Chronograph that is just kind of “meh”.

We also have the P01, a reissue of a piece they made as a prototype for the Navy in the late 1960s or so. Finally, we have the new two-tone BB32/36/41, which is a generally beautiful looking watch (minus the Snowflake hands), but it brings into light the biggest issue that Tudor has – why the hell is everything a Black Bay??? It’s a problem Tudor has had since the introduction of the Chronograph a few years ago, and they’ve been plagued by it ever since. If they want to really bring about a more solid sense of longevity, then they need to reorganize the way they name some of these pieces, and really give them a sense of unique model families.