Value In Vintage Watches: Tudor Oyster Prince + Date-Day

IN THE METAL | Jan 09, 2019

In today’s episode of “Value in Vintage Watches,” Christian dives into two of the most value packed vintage pieces you can possibly get your hands on – the Tudor Oyster Prince and the Tudor Date-Day. First, we look at a Tudor Date-Day ref. 94500 from 1984, a model that Tudor offered as a more affordable, more value-driven version of the Rolex Day-Date. This example features a blue sunburst dial, one of the colors that is arguably the most collectible vintage Rolex/Tudor dial color. This example is also 100% untouched, down to the bracelet having absolutely no stretch to it, something Jubilee style bracelets can’t often lay claim to.

Next, we look at a Tudor Oyster Prince that was issued to medical personnel on a British North Greenland expedition from the 1950s, studying climate, environment, etc for British military purposes. In almost every way, this is an Explorer, and the only reason it’s even remotely attainable is because the dial says Tudor, and not Rolex.