3 Watches With Reversible Cases That Are NOT the JLC Reverso

Article By: Logan Hannen

Nov 27, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re going to take a look at three pieces that offer the same unique party trick that the JLC Reverso does – a case that can be reversed.

1: Cartier Tank Basculante

Cartier Tank Basculante
Source: Anna Griffin

The Tank Basculante has often been referred to as “the other Reverso” by enthusiasts but, as argued by Arthur Touchot over at Hodinkee, this line of thinking is a bit misguided. Yes, technically both pieces are rectangular dress watches with reversing cases, and yes they were introduced to the market within a year of one another, but that really is where most of the similarities end. While it can be argued that the Reverso is the more successful of the two pieces (indeed, I don’t know who would argue against that statement), the Basculante simply offers a level of intrigue and, as Christian has said at least a couple times now, understated and underrated elegance that may even come out on top over it’s more well known peer. Plus, the thing is nearly perfectly symmetrical by virtue of having the crown at the 12 o’clock position, so if you’re as OCD as I am, then that’s inherently a plus.

2: Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Limited Edition
Source: ABlogtoWatch

From the epitome of understated elegance, we transition to one of the most bulbous, broad, and unexpected reversible watches I’ve ever come across – the Hamilton Face 2 Face. This model family, which is relatively small all things considered, comes in an ovular case that, as a result, contributes to a diameter of 53mm by 44mm from lug tip to lug tip. In many ways, it offers the polar opposite experience of the Reverso or Basculante, in that it is significantly wider than it is long, compared to the latter pieces being longer than they are wide by an equally substantial margin. It’s undeniably sporty, and yet somehow still kind of wearable despite the ridiculous case shape and size, and I think I may just love it in spite of itself.

3: Universal Geneve Cabriolet

Universal Geneve Cabriolet
Source: Universal Geneve

The Universal Geneve Cabriolet is by far the most intriguing item on this list for one, very prominent reason – it was introduced in 1929, a whole 2 years before the more famous Reverso would see the light of day. The original intent of the Cabriolet is not entirely clear (it could very well have been intended for polo players, much like the Reverso would come to be), but it also could have just been an intriguing design choice from an already intriguing brand that happened to come before the watch which would make its concept mainstream (and, arguably, more aesthetically interesting, since the Cabriolet’s case and carriage were not finished to any degree of high precision or complexity). Still, with its crown at 6 o’clock instead of the 3 o’clock seen more traditionally, or the 12 o’clock of the Basculante, the Universal Geneve Cabriolet may well turn out to be one of the unspoken heroes of the rectangular and reversible watch world, and it’s arguably my favorite on this list.

What are some of your favorites, geeks?? Got any other reversible watches you think we ought to check out?? Let us know and, as always, keep it classy, watchfam.