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Article By: Logan Hannen

What is up watchfam! Today, we’re talking Breitling, and whether or not these occasionally bulbous pieces of horology are actually any good.

On a historical level, Breitling is easily one of the most significant modern brands. Founded in 1844, the brand has produced a pretty hefty number of important timepieces over the years, but none carry quite the iconic status as the Navitimer. This piece, designed to be used by pilots, is one of the original aviation-centric timepieces, and is still in production today. Check out a review of Christian’s favorite modern Breitlings.

Pioneers of the most useful slide-rule bezel ever produced, the brand has certainly maintained a level of innovation over the years. Most recently, they developed their own in-house chronograph movement, the B01, and are one of the only brands to submit their quartz movements for COSC certification. Does that seem like overkill, given the prevailing accuracy of quartz anyway? Probably, but it does demonstrate some serious commitment on their end, so props to Breitling. Here’s an early review we did of the Breitling brand!

Here’s the main point of contention most people have with the brand: pricing. Many would argue that they are overpriced, and I can definitely see that argument. However, the value in Breitling, as with many luxury brands, comes on the pre-owned market, where the depreciation has already hit and you won’t lose a ton of money should you buy used and choose to flip it later on. When you take this into consideration, they really do become one hell of a value proposition. If you wanna know more about that, check out Christian’s video, where he talks about Breitling “selling out” being a great move for the brand.

So what’s the verdict, then? Are they any good? Well, yeah, they’re pretty outstanding. Quality is hardly a question, especially on the newer models, and if you go pre-owned, you won’t see that massive depreciation hit that buying new will get you. Plus, they’ve got history in spades, and arguably one of the three most iconic chronographs of all time in their arsenal. What’s not to love?

That’s it for us. Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome content coming, and remember: keep it classy watchfam.