CEOs and Their Cheap Watches

Article By: Logan Hannen

Sep 18, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re going to dive in and discuss three world famous CEOs of various companies, and the relatively cheap watches they wear with pride.

Disclaimer: Not every CEO on Earth wears a cheap watch. However, several of these tycoons, despite the size of their wallet, have gravitated towards watches that pay no mind to status, prestige, or price.

1: Doug McMillon – CEO and President of Walmart // Citizen Skyhawk

Doug McMillon
Source: Stanford University

Walmart is one of the biggest companies on the planet, with revenues of nearly $500 billion in 2017. As such, you would be forgiven for thinking that their CEO would have so much money that he would treat a Patek Nautilus like a G-Shock. However, CEO and President Doug McMillon actually has far more affordable tastes than that – meet his Citizen Skyhawk A-T JY0000-53E. This particular Citizen Skyhawk retails for somewhere between $400 and $500 USD, and features a ton of the complicated functions that many pieces in the Citizen Skyhawk range are known for.

2: Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft // Casio Duro

Bill Gates
Source: Deployant

Much like Walmart, I don’t think Bill Gates needs to be explained to our readers but, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Mr. Gates is the founder of Microsoft and has, at various points in his lifetime, been considered the richest man in the world. In spite of that, Bill has always proven to be relatively humble in how he dresses and clearly that carries over into his choice of timepiece: the Casio MDV106-1a, better known as the Casio Duro. This 44mm, stainless steel quartz diver is available at most Walmarts for around the $50 mark, give or take, and to see Bill wear what many in the community would argue is the ultimate affordable diver doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a watch geek but, instead, shows that he’s a guy that knows value when he sees it which, in someone to whom value is relative and, frankly, kind of disposable, it’s definitely refreshing. Also, yes, I’m aware that Mr. Gates is not the CEO of Microsoft, but in just about every conceivable way, he’s far more important to the company’s existence than any CEO has been so on that level, he gets a pass. It’s my list, Janet!

3: Steve Jobs – Late Founder and CEO of Apple // Seiko Chariot

Steve Jobs
Source: Time and Tide Watches

If you’ve ever used an iPhone, owned a MacBook, or otherwise kept the doctor away, then you owe Steve Jobs a heap of respect. Though no longer with us, Jobs left us with not only his vision for the future of tech, but also a unique little historical artifact in the form of his watch of choice when he founded the company – a Seiko Chariot ref. 6413-6030. This relatively nonchalant black PVD coated Seiko quartz watch featured a black leather strap that, based on the look of it, was the strap it came with and remained on the watch until Jobs’ final days. Seiko, in March of 2017, reissued the watch for a price of $180 USD.