Article By: Logan Hannen

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re going to take a look at four timepieces that are going to help you appear as ultra-patriotic as possible while celebrating this Independence Day. Without further ado, let’s get into the list!!

#1: Rolex GMT Patriot

Rolex GMT Patriot
Source: Watch Guru

Okay, this was undoubtedly the most obvious pick on this list for those who know some of the more outlandish Rolex references (*Cough Cough* Federico *Cough Cough*). The Rolex GMT Patriot is a truly garish thing, if we’re being honest – entirely crafted of yellow gold, the piece, of which just twenty were made, features a bezel that is done in the signature red and blue but, rather than aluminum, the insert is comprised of sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. The entire dial is covered in pave diamonds as well, as are the center links of the bracelet. It is the epitome of bling, but with a name like the Patriot, it would have been treason to leave it off this list.

#2: Omega Seamaster Commander’s Edition

Omega Seamaster Commander’s Edition

This pick is purely for the design and color scheme, I’ll admit it. Done up with a red and blue bezel insert, along with a white dial, the piece just screams stars and stripes. That being said, its background is a bit less American than that. First off, it’s a James Bond tribute piece, albeit one I don’t expect the man himself to be wearing on screen, and is designed to pay homage to the literary (and usually on-screen) Bond’s role as Commander in the British Royal Navy. Not exactly Ford trucks and BBQ, but hey, at least the colors are right.

#3: Steinhart Ocean Vintage Dual Time Premium

Steinhart Ocean Vintage Dual Time Premium
Source: Steinhart

Before anyone jumps down my throat about putting a Steinhart on this list, allow me to explain some of the history behind the watch that this piece is paying homage to. In the 1950s, Rolex was commissioned to design a pilot watch for Pan-Am Airlines, one which could display two time zones simultaneously for pilots to keep track of not only home time, but the time in the location they were headed to. With that, the 6542 GMT Master was born. Some of these now iconic models featured a white dial. Just how many of them did is still a mystery, since until very recently, the community wasn’t sure they existed with any certainty. Examples have thus been discovered, but given their rarity, and thus excessive value, they aren’t attainable for most people. This, dear reader, is where the Steinhart comes in – with it’s Pepsi bezel, white dial, and vintage styling cues such as the lack of crown guards, it’s a marvelous representation of this piece and, more importantly, gives you a bit of that sense of history in aviation without the heart-attack inducing price.

#4: Seiko 6139 Pogue Chronograph

Seiko 6319 Pogue Chronograph
Source: Worn and Wound

I know, I know, “what’s so patriotic about a Seiko chronograph?” I can hear you asking. Well, not that it specifically speaks to patriotism, but it was one of the three automatic chronograph movements widely considered to be the very first ever, and certainly the first in Japan. Beyond that, though, it earns its place on this list because of who it earned its place on the wrist of: Colonel William Pogue, a NASA astronaut who wore this piece in space during the 1973 Skylab 4 mission. While not as iconic as a Speedmaster, it still offers great value, with a unique color combination and some important history both in the US and in Japan.

Alright geeks, do you think we missed any obvious patriotic watch options??? Let us know in the Facebook comments and, until next time, happy 4th of July, and keep it classy, watchfam!