Watches of Die Hard

LIQUOR RUN | DEC 14, 2018

In this week’s highly festive episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into the watches of Die Hard, as well as some of their favorite Christmas movies. When it comes to Die Hard’s characters, the film’s protagonist is obviously the perfect place to start: John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis). In the film, McClane needs a timpiece that is not only well built and functional, but thoroughly reliable, and for that reason, his Tag Heuer 3000 Series Quartz Chronograph is the only real option (especially when it comes to watches in the 1980s. On the flip side, we have Holly (McClane’s wife) and Ellis (Holly’s co-worker), very much characters that did not even contribute to saving the day, and both of them were, interestingly, wearing Rolexes. The implication is, as per 80s stereotypes, that the stuffy business people all wear Rolexes. If nothing else, this displays the level of serious thought that went into selecting the watches for this movie.

When it comes to Christian and Rolly’s favorite Christmas movies, their list is divided among a couple of classics, and one that perhaps you’ve never seen before. The first is Home Alone a true Christmas classic, right alongside another classic in the form of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. For a bit of a curve ball, though, we have The Waltons Christmas movie, The Homecoming, a film that Christian admits used to make him really sad as a child but, upon reflecting, he now realizes is actually incredibly uplifting and encourages anyone who hasn’t seen it to give it a shot.