What Is A Tourbillon?:
With Panerai Scienzato from London Jewelers

RANT&H | JUNE 26, 2019

Today is International Tourbillon Day, and we’re celebrating the patent registration of the tourbillon complication by Abraham Louis Breguet. But what the heck is a tourbillon? Watches, and the rate at which they run (thus, their accuracy), are impacted tremendously by one, infuriating but otherwise insurmountable issue – gravity. Depending on the orientation of your mechanical movement, gravity will act on the escapement differently, causing it to beat faster or slower.

To fix this, Breguet realized that the best solution was to develop a method by which the escapement could consistently be turned, 360 degrees continuously over the course of a minute, to ensure that, no matter the position, that gravity would be distributed evenly on the escapement. The thing is, for as effective as this complication once was, it has now become more of a matter of art, a show off that works whether the wearer wants it to or not, and that’s definitely something special.

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