What Watch Would Santa Wear?

Article By: Logan Hannen

WATCH101 | Dec 25, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Merry Christmas!! Today, we’re going to be covering a question I spent far too much time asking myself this past week – what watch would Santa Claus wear?

There were a few criteria I felt it necessary to follow when considering what the Big Man would wear, especially when he takes flight each year. The very first thing I considered is the idea that he would definitely need a world time watch. After all, being able to know what time it is in every part of the globe at once is kind of vital to the job. But it couldn’t just be any world time.

The Man in Red and his Sleigh (also in red)
Source: The Telegraph

Given the speed and altitudes that he would be flying at, coupled with the temperatures and weather issues that he would be bound to encounter, it seems clear that he’s going to need a durable, solidly built timepiece. It would ideally need to be military spec tested, and while the most obvious solution to this is a G-Shock, such as this one below, I’d like to think that St. Nick has more style than that.

G-Shock GD-100RF-4JF
Source: Hypebeast

So we need a stylish, durable, solid piece of horology that is also a world time and, potentially, a chronograph (to track how long he takes at each house, obviously). All of this together led me to the only place I think those criteria could…

IWC Pilot Timezoner Chronograph IW395001
Source: IWC

Meet the IWC Pilot Timezoner Chronograph. As the name might imply, this watch is 3 things – an IWC Pilot watch, a world time, and a chronograph. Each of those three things nails the criteria above as follows. As an IWC Pilot watch, the Timezoner Chrono is built like a brick, but more than that, its 46mm stainless steel case is designed to IWC Pilot spec, meaning it features the same rapid depressurization protection as the other models in the line. This gives the Timezoner an edge over other world time watches strictly because it can handle Santa’s rapid descents towards all the sleeping homes below.

We’ve established the necessity of the world time already, along with the chronograph, but the one thing I would argue is that, though functional, the Timezoner is not exactly stylish, and certainly is far too tactical for Mr. Claus. I think I’ve got the perfect remedy for that, though.

Santoni for IWC leather straps
Source: IWC

Can someone say “red Santoni for IWC leather strap???” I was originally going to suggest a green canvas, as seen on the IWC Miramar, but the red Santoni strap just adds an extra bit of seasonal flare while also complementing the red accents on the second time zone hand. Don’t believe me? Then check this:

I think this is exactly how St. Nick would rock his IWC Timezoner Chronograph geeks, but what about you? Do you agree with my choice? Sound off and, as always, keep it classy, watchfam.