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Why Everyone Hates Hublot: In Defense of the Big Bang

Discussing Hublot, the Big Bang and why so many hate on the brand.

June 25, 2020

Hublot is frequently written off as a superficial brand of poor quality, the kind of watch solely purchased by the uninformed consumers of the world, but that isn’t inherently true. MDM Geneve (now defunct) released the Hublot watch in 1980, and it was a downright classically proportioned watch at the time. Of course, in 1993 when AP released the Royal Oak Offshore, things changed. Now, sporty really meant sport, and Hublot had to catch up. By 2005, with the help of Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot entered the modern age with the Big Bang. There was plenty of complaining that Hublot ripped off the Offshore, and while yes, the similarities are numerous and obvious, Biver defends this by noting that both watches took inspiration from a ship’s porthole, so by simply referring to the same source material, of course they would look similar. He’s not wrong.

The second major criticism is that the watches are of poor quality. This stems, in large part, from the original Big Bang, which sought to compete with the likes of AP and Patek in style but without the manufacture heritage and construction that those brands are notorious for. A modular chronograph movement is by no means bad, but it directly conflicted with the luxury ideology at the time, and the image just kind of, well, stuck with the brand years after. Despite this, their quality has certainly increased dramatically, from innovative case materials to in-house movements of their own.

Lastly, there is this common criticism that “I just don’t like Hublot.” Their image, frankly, does leave something to be desired, having become pretty quickly associated with the things that made the Offshore an ugly mistake of a watch, but this is not their entire brand anymore, and that’s the thing to keep in mind.

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