In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into the two sister releases from Rolex and Tudor at Baselworld 2018 – the Pepsi GMT.

Ever since the discontinuation of the steel, Pepsi bezel GMT Master II, Rolex fans have been chomping at the bit to see the thing reintroduced. They almost got their wish a couple of years ago, when Rolex introduced a ceramic bezel Pepsi GMT…in white gold only. This year, however, we all got what we’d been asking for, albeit on a jubilee bracelet instead of the Oyster like everyone had been anticipating.

The thing is, though, Rolex wasn’t the only brand to release a Pepsi bezel GMT this year. Tudor, Rolex’s sister company, also released one in the form of a Black Bay GMT. The Tudor is more classically designed, more of a throwback in aesthetic than the Rolex, which definitely feels like an evolution of the Pepsi GMT concept. Not to mention, the Tudor is significantly more affordable than the Rolex, so that certainly helps.

The crazy thing, with respect to price, is the fact that Tudor seems to be Rolex’s way of bringing younger, newer people into their brand without diluting their brand equity in the process (looking at you, Vacheron).